EcTownUSA Member Support Desk


EcTownUSA, LLC. is here to help communities grow by providing an enhanced service level to their membership.

Business Philosophy

Our objective is to be sure every member of our customer organization's has the opportunity to participate in all powerful online advertsing programs without trouble. Even members who are uncomfortable with computers, or the Internet, will be provided with the support they need to participate no matter how much time it may take.


Richard Scully the Founder, and Russ Flint, Co-Founder are both considered experts in the Internet business development world and have much to share with all of you on how to expand your business online. Both Richard and Russ are available to discuss business development ideas with you. To reach either of them please call EcTownUSA.


EcTownUSA was started under a development plan concept in 2003 when the founders realized that many organizations have been looking for ways in which to expand their membership services. Since then, we've created many successful online business communities in various states.


Our goal is to provide the logistical support necessary to get entire membership communities online as a single selling or presentation block. All core services are to be provided to members at NO COST.


We are experts in simplifying ways to get businesses glued together as a single selling, or presentation block without disruption to their normal business practices. All systems are easy to use, but powerful transaction systems.

Friendly Support

We assume before you contact our support team, that you are a novice computer user. Our support team is here to help you in the friendliest way possible. If you are a seasoned computer user, we can keep up with you as well.

Advanced Answers

Our market development systems have been developed to support two levels of users and many types of businesses. For instance, our Community on Display catalog system offers two separate user levels. One is designed for the "New User" with very few options so not to confuse you, and the other level is for the "Advanced User" that offers a powerful solution to promote a business successfully online.